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Are you finding it hard to keep a track on the activities of your company's Medical Representatives (MR) and Managers? Marg ERP can simplify such complexity within minutes. Yes! To help pharmaceutical companies we have developed the Daily Call Reports software that enables them to get reports on daily activities and manage the work in a better way. With the support of this software, a pharmaceutical company can also keep a track of every activity of the MRs when they are in the field. The software is designed and developed after understanding the requirements of the pharmaceutical companies and would propel the business.

Benefits of Daily Call Reports software

  • The software empowers pharmaceutical companies to manage their work in a better way.
  • With the help of the software they can also frame marketing strategies effectively.
  • Consistent customer care support.
  • Simple to understand and easy to use.
  • Reduces the administrative cost significantly.
Doctor Management


Managing all appointments with doctors is now easy and simple for pharmaceutical marketing companies with Doctor Management software from Marg ERP. Yes! We offer customized state-of-the-art software that carry amazing features. We are a leading provider of integrated business application software meant for small and medium sized businesses

Benefits of Doctor Management software

  • Empowers the pharmaceutical companies to manage appointments with doctors
  • Allows the pharmaceutical companies to track appointments with doctors
  • Store details of products and samples issued
  • Keep a track on the activities of the doctors
  • Record the number of visits
  • Allows the user to categorise doctors according to their speciality
  • Birthday or Anniversary reminder feature
Chemist Orders

Chemist Orders

For smooth functioning of the business, it is very important for a pharmaceutical company to manage the orders and keep a track of all transactions with the chemist shops or pharmacies. Chemist Management software from Marg ERP is developed to provide efficient operational support and empower pharmaceutical companies so that it can establish a consistent business relationship with the chemist shops. The software bridges the breach between the pharmaceutical firms and pharmacies and enables the users to keep a track on pending orders, deliveries, billing status, transaction details and more in an easy way.

Benefits of Chemist Orders software

  • The Chemist management software is developed with user friendly features.
  • It is designed keeping in mind the requirement of the pharmaceutical companies and helps them in making better and quicker decisions.
  • This software allows a pharmaceutical company to check the pile of stocks of medicines that are not delivered due to certain reasons.
  • It empowers the pharmaceutical company to manage the orders in a better way.
  • It saves time and also administrative cost.
  • It makes easier to track POBs.
  • It also carries the features of period visit analysis.
Expense Control

Expense Control

Are you worried how to keep a record of the expenses on the Medical Expenses? Forget the paperwork and manage your bulk receipts and bills through clicks with our expense control software. The software is especially designed and developed for pharmaceutical companies allowing them to manage the bills and keep record of the entire expenses in a hassle free manner. You can easily access all the details of the expenses and can easily make out whether your company's MRs are submitting any inflated bills.

Benefits of Expense Control software

  • User friendly features
  • Record all the miscellaneous expenses
  • Generate monthly expenses
  • Reduces administrative cost
  • Record the number of visits
  • Classify and manage the travelling expenses
  • Lessen paperwork
Samples/Gift control

Samples/Gifts control

Striving hard to track the gifts and samples meant for physicians or doctors? Worry no more! With the help of our software you can easily keep a track of the samples and gifts. You can even track the distribution and remaining amount of the samples and gifts in an easy way. The software is developed to meet such specific demands of the pharmaceutical companies that find it hard to manage the bulk amount of gifts and samples meant for the doctors and chemists.

Benefits of Samples/Gifts control software

  • Reduce the administrative cost.
  • Reduce paperwork.
  • Save valuable time.
  • User friendly features.
  • Easily track the undistributed samples and gifts.
  • Enables you to distribute the samples and gifts at prompt.
Secondary Sales Management

Secondary Sales Management

Medical Representatives placed any locality are required to submit their Monthly Sales and Stock Closing Reports to their Head offices on a daily basis. Previously the process was carried out manually, so that there was a chance to commit mistakes. With the development in the technology, the process of submitting Monthly Sales and Stock Closing Reports to the Headquarters has become online. Marg ERP has introduced Pharma trading software and Online pharma ERP that help pharmaceutical companies to get updated with the happening of MRs and MRs get connected with their head offices.

Marg ERP has also introduced MR Reporting software featuring Secondary Sales Module. With the presence of the software, the Medical Representatives get their Primary Sales and Opening Stocks from the organization and they have to just fill in the closing stock on the given form. The software is popular for generating the Stock and Sale Report instantly and there is no any chance of mistakes.

Benefits of Secondary Sales Management software

  • Make the Calculations for Primary and Secondary Sales Automatic
  • User-Friendly and fast interface
  • Combine Stock and Sale Reports for Managers and Administrators.
  • Available with the Feature of Getting Integrating with any existing Invoicing/Billing software to generate instant updates of Primary Sales.

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